Tonight at the Apple Store in Soho NYC Director Patty Jenkins will be speaking about "Wonder Woman."  I am excited to be able to go!  That a female superhero origin story become the highest grossing origin story prompted me to start the Off Girl Blog with Off Girl's origin.

Off Girl Story didn't start as a comic.  It started in an unusual way and transformed many times.

 Looking to break into writing and independent film production I wrote a short called "Dysfucktional" -- a dark comedy about a young porn and alcohol addicted man who thought his climaxes were killing the women he fantasized about.  His escape of his hell, was to fantasize about himself.   But that short was too dark for festivals and broad appeal.   So I put it aside and wrote and produced a very different short "Sand Castle"-- which had some wonderful successes at film festivals.  

But the Killer Orgasm concept/ story didn't leave me.  And for a class assignment for  "Writing the Comedy TV Series"  I resurrected the concept of the Killer Orgasm for a  "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episodewhere LD thought his orgasms were responsible for some deaths.  As a wacky, fun concept, the killer orgasm also had some merit but only with a character as narcissistic as Larry David. 

That's when pondering how to use the concept of killer orgasm morphed yet again.  What if a woman had a killer O?  And that's when the idea of Off Girl was born.  Of course, a woman whose orgasm can kill is a totally different concept- emotionally and visually.   So I wrote a story about a gun for hire titled "Off Girl" - she gets off, they get off'd.   It was action comedy but it still was missing something and that,  I believed was the origin of her power.  

It seemed that some supernatural reason must be given and that meant Off Girl was more than a gun for hire- she could be a Superhero!  So I had a new kind of superhero! but was in is search of a backstory -- a reason for her crazy power.

One word, Demon.  That's what I thought would work.  And that meant she couldn't control her orgasm.  So why was she cursed?   With a vague recollection of Lilith I googled Lilith and that's when Off Girl's Origin story burst into reality.  God punished Lilith for her desire for sexual satisfaction, and then it all fell into place.  From there fully formed superhero story could be told.  A girl with a problem, a story of her demon, and her goal to be normal.  

Written as a Superhero feature Off Girl got some good reactions, but not enough.  That's when it became clear, Off Girl must be written as a comic series.  The ability to visualize the story would help.   Then I needed an artist.  That's a story for another post!  Stay tuned.......